Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Long time I do not post anything on this blog is it.
Well, My life is going in pretty a good phase,
as Muslim; I always see everything that happened as opportunity and not as a problem.
So, NO PROBLEM in life! ^^,
bcoz its an OPPORTUNITY!

Erk, I dont know where to start bcoz u peeps already left behind. 
 *take the smoke will ya? :p*

Let me summarize what happen in point form,
so it will be simple / readable / save-time:
  • I engaged! -YES! ENGAGED, I'm officially taken.
~InshaALLAH, the "nikah ceremony" will be on 1st September 2012.
  • I finish my last year + my last semester
  •  Now doing internship at ASTRO

~At Regulatory and Industry Affairs. (will keep on updating bout it) ^_^
~It will be from  11th June 2012 - 17th August 2012