Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tarian Jari Jemari

Saya tak tahu samaada ada lagi pembaca yang sudi membaca ruang blog saya ini yang agak 'bersawang' dan tiada apa-apa input.

Title : Conflict and How to manage it.

Conflict can be divided into three categories : Pseudo, Simple and Ego.

Pseudo :
This type of conflict is create that based on misunderstanding from both (listener and speaker). it might be due to lack of awareness or the dialect of the speaker,less knowledge about the language and maybe because of the culture it self.
*It is easily to understand that,this type of conflict came to exist due to misunderstanding....dats it...;)

Simple :
This conflict named Simple Conflict because of different ideology between the speaker and receiver.The different might be due to different educational background and mind setting,family background also play a role in order to shape the ideology of a person.For example : A person that grew up in a big town might have a conflict with a person who grew up in a village surrounding,maybe the mind setting of the 'town boy' will be a bit secular or based on other ideology but then it comes to conflict (Simple Conflict) when he met with a 'village boy' that the mind setting is based on a religion that being uphold for a very long time...Easy isn't..? ;)

Ego :
From the name itself (Ego Conflict) we easily can detect what kind of this conflict right..? This type of conflict simply because both individual (Speaker and listener) start to speak and respond towards personal matter (Personal Attack). This can be a serious conflict because both party will bring out the past and it possibly will make it become worst.

Thats it for today...
learn how to be aware of what type of conflict are u having wif ur partner...
next post will explain the process of the conflict..then we will manage it...

Muhammad Faiz~