Thursday, December 9, 2010

Games For Download : Simple & Free


Harap semua sihat-sihat selalu. Kalau tidak sihat.? Pergilah tengok TV ke,Main bola ke,Pergi basuh kereta ke. Apa la,dah tidak sihat,pergi la jumpa doktor,jangan mengadap laptop or desktop. =P

Kali ini saya amatlah bermurah hati,dan baik untuk berkongsi dengan pembaca sekalian games-games yang saya download dan disertakan juga serial key untuk kalian semua terus main tanpa perlu membeli CD atau DVD di kedai-kedai,kerana mereka juga membuat macam saya; Download --> Find Crack / Serial Key --> Burn dalam CD. Mudahkan mereka cari duit? Saya ini pelajar,tak mampu nak beli CD macam orang lain (Ayat sedih*lap air hidung sikit).

Ini senarai games untuk kalian:

Pet Shop Hop

The joys of animal companionship can now be yours to share! For decades your family business has offered pretty fish, cuddly kittens, furry rabbits, adorable puppies, and feathered friends to customers from the neighborhood. Time are changing though, and now MegaPet Superstore is threatening to put you out of business! It's up to you to take over the business and make wise choices to grow your modest pet shop into an exclusive boutique. Upgrade your shop, match customers with their ideal pets, sell additional products, and increase profits to avoid being gobbled up by the competition!

Download :
Faiz Baik


Fish Co

Breed, raise, and sell a variety of freshwater fish in FishCo, an engaging simulation challenge. As the new owner of an aquarium shop, it's up to you to keep your fish healthy, happy, and profitable in level after level of fast fun. Unlock new fish and plants, upgrade filters and lighting, and more! Even customize your very own tank in Sandbox mode! Easy to learn and play, but a challenge to master, FishCo features multiple game modes, realistic full-screen graphics, and hours of fishy fun! Open your very own FishCo today!


Farm Mania.

Spend a great time in the country with Anna! Help her to develop an old farm «from zero to hero» and to get an excellent mark from her graduation work. You will not only plant and sell the crops. No way! You'll have the opportunity to bake tasty pies and bread, make warm scarfs and gloves, see your animals growing and many others! Use modern technologies and your own know-hows to make a farm of a dream. Plunge yourself in fresh air and nature calm! Reach the best result in farm developing with a NEW colorful game from Realore Studios.

Download :
Faiz Co0L


Country Harvest

Help the residence of Evergreen Valley! Grow local, fresh produce and supply the residence with tasty fruits and vegetables. Construct a variety of buildings to increase your production and use mills to convert crops to valuable products. Can you keep up with the delivery truck? Expand your property and hire employees to create a bustling farm that can fulfill all the needs of the valley in Country Harvest, a fun Time Management game.

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique upgrades
  • Expand your farm!
*P/S : This game is portable which means you can play without install it, cool is it.? =). Thanks to me.
Download :
Faiz Hensem.


ucaplah thank u ke,mekaseh ke,syukran ke,gracias ke. ----_____-----