Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How's It Going.?

How mylife doing ryte now?
All Praise to Allah...I always think my life in the best state, try to be positive about it bcoz someone said to me "Even the world give a hundred reasons to be sad, but the world also give you a thousand reason to smile". So,cheer up viewers. :).
There is one movie that I got something to share with all of you. The movie is about how a reporter get their story and publish it in newspaper. The movie shows how hard the work as the reporter is; the deadline (if you late,someone already cover the story before you. If you are late,maybe the case about your story already sealed by the police. and etc).
Well, lets get back to the main point, one of the messages from this movie is "There is always two side of a story".
Positive & Negative.
How to relate it with our life?
When Allah gives us a test. Somehow we know that this is only a test but our heart ungrateful, we blame Allah for all what happen. My answer, yes, it was Allah who made it happen.
Why.?? :
  1. Everything in this earth is belong to Allah, including you! So.?? still you want to question His power ka.?
  2. You should be grateful that Allah just test you with that test and you still alive, reading this post. If Allah take your life how? are you ready with everything.? prepared to die ahh.? got many pahala already..??
  3. Allah says in Quran that : "Allah will not test His servant if the servant is not capable to handle it". THERE!!! Allah told us already, just we don't realize about it,whether we know or we are totally ignorant about it.
  1. Be positive.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. say "Alhamdulillah" always. It's not that hard you know.
  4. Smile. "The world is not worth enough to cry about".

See, I already mumbling..Haishhhh~~~
Alhamdulillah,my study is okay enough to survive.
But this short-semester is very tough due to taking a 4-level subject
(Seriously,very crazy hardcore tough).
Give me headache and some extra back-pain (bcoz of stress),
Thanks a lot! =).

Will try to count my carry-mark

Last two weeks I got my new children. HAH!!!
Very excited you know.
Yeah,say it loud.!!!..Hahaha...
Her name is Hejok
(Name coined by my fren: Rasul).
She is Hedgehog...
Very cute and adorable one
Below is her picture = photogenic I can say.

#Terribly cute#

I got Hejok from my friend, He is supplier and breeder of many types of pets.
He put the price very cheap
from all Pets Shop I can say.
Plus I can get 20% discount from the original price
(Harga kawan-kawan).
Later on maybe will get Fat Tail Gerbil from him also...
But have to settle down first,
Because of what..?
Will post about it later....

Thats All....